ii-V-I Music, LLC

Our Rules.

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ii-V-I Music, LLC makes no guarantees of the progress of our students. Generally, with regular and consistent practice, our students can and will progress and over time develop musical skills and talents that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Your teacher reserves the right to permanently withdraw from lessons any student for any reason at any time. Should this happen, you will be refunded for the remainder of that month's lessons.

Musical instruments must be in good working order and students must bring all required lesson materials (method books, tuner, metronome, etc)

Students are expected to practice materials assigned from previous week's lessons.
Students must bring a usable musical instrument (if applicable) and required accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, ligature, picks, bow, rosin, etc.).

Students are expected to come fully prepared to lessons. Students will be permanently withdrawn from the studio if they are consistently unprepared for lessons. We want our students to be successful!        

Lessons/student responsibilities

If school is closed due to inclement weather, we are closed. If school delays opening, we are open.  Just as school makes up missed days, we make up missed lessons due to inclement weather.  Please be aware that ii-V-I Music, LLC will be closed on all major holidays.

Studio Closures

A two-week advanced notice is required to stop lessons. You will be charged for these two weeks whether you choose to receive lessons or not.

If your teacher misses a lesson, all efforts will be made to issue a make up lesson. If not, you will be given a credit for that week's lesson for the next month. Please remember, our teachers are professional musicians and have rigorous teaching and performance schedules and may need to reschedule a lesson from time to time.

There will be no make up lessons, refunds, or credits for lessons missed without prior notice.  Students will be automatically withdrawn from lessons if there are excessive absences.

Lessons will end at the scheduled time even if the student is late for the lesson.

Make up lessons will be provided for lessons missed with at least 4 hours notice. You are allowed one excused cancellation per month other than planned family vacations. Excused cancellations are student sickness, family death, planned in advance family vacation (not to exceed twice a year), or uncontrolled student work conflicts only.  Please be considerate of your teacher's schedule.

Lessons are held once a week for each student.


A late fee of $20 will be added to the student's account if not paid by the 5th of the month.  Remember, this is your teacher's salary!

We accept cash, checks, credit card, and online credit card payments through our emailed invoice.

Payment for lessons is due by the 1st of the month for the following month's lessons.  You will be emailed or mailed a bill for the following month's lessons.  You have the option of going paperless at any time.

Tuition Payment