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Baritone saxophone-Pitched in Eb, one octave lower than the alto saxophone.  Larger than the tenor saxophone.  Not recommended for beginning saxophone lessons. 

Tenor saxophone-Pitched in Bb.  Larger than the alto saxophone.  Completely fine for beginning saxophone lessons. 

Alto Saxophone-Pitched in Eb.  Larger than the soprano.  Recommended for beginning saxophone lessons.

The soprano saxophone-pitched in Bb, one octave above the tenor saxophone.  The smallest common saxophone made.  Not for beginning saxophone lessons

Types of saxophones

Saxophone lessons Jacksonville, FL

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In our advanced saxophone lessons, our students will be shown how to use different mouthpiece and reed combinations to achieve the desired sound.  In advanced saxophone lessons, students will explore the altissimo register, growls, plops, and flops.  Saxophone students will progress from blues to rock to jazz where he or she will be exposed to improvising solos over various chord progressions such as the "ii-V-I"

Advanced saxophone lessons (jazz, funk, rock)

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With proper practice and effort, students should learn advanced technique required to play the standard saxophone repertoire with expert precision.  In our saxophone lessons, students will be guided through various scale patterns, articulation exercises, flexibility exercises, and long tone exercises.  Students will explore the extended range of the saxophone, double tonging, and circular breathing.  Saxophone students will be exposed to, and learn to interpret standard classical saxophone repertoire composed by Milhaud, Creston, Glazounov , Ibert, and more!   Our advanced saxophone lessons, with proper practice and effort made by the student, will assist in audition preparation for various arts/magnet schools and college music major auditions.  Click here for more information.

  • Saxophone of your choice in good condition
  • Mouthpiece
  • Ligature
  • at least 3 new reeds
  • metronome
  • pencil
  • folder
  • method books (instructor will specify during 1st saxophone lesson after student assessment is made)
  • willingness to learn

Requirements for saxophone lessons 

For beginners our saxophone lessons teach you or your child the basic fundamentals of saxophone technique such as proper assembly and care of the saxophone, tone production, articulation, correct embouchure, reed and ligature placement, proper posture, and correct hand position.  Students will learn how to read and interpret basic sheet music, will be taught basic music theory, and will be taught how to correctly practice.  Our  beginning saxophone lessons give our students the tools necessary to move on to the advanced level, earn 1st chair in his/her school band, and earn a spot in regional level bands.  Click here for more information about our beginning saxophone lessons

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