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Piano Lessons

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With children as young as five in mind, our piano lessons for kids provide a comprehensive introduction to music.  Learning music at a young age can have life long benefits for children, including increased learning capacity, improved mathematical capabilities, enhanced fine motor skills, and greater confidence in general

It's never too late to embark on your musical journey.  Learning to play later in life can be both rewarding and therapeutic.  We even have students who played in their younger years and are re-learning the piano later in life as adults.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano lessons Jacksonville, FL

Call 904-520-0450 for piano lessons

  • You will need a piano or full sized digital piano at home to practice on
  • metronome
  • pencil
  • folder
  • method books (instructor will specify during 1st piano lesson after student assessment is made)
  • willingness to learn

Requirements for piano lessons 

For beginners, our piano lessons will teach our students basic piano technique. Students will learn how to read and interpret basic sheet music, how to practice correctly, and fundamental music theory. As students progress, they will learn how to play with both hands—specifically, harmonizing using the right hand. Students will also acquire left and right hand independence.

Learn to Play Piano 

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