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To become proficient at a musical instrument, one has to consistently practice correctly and use all available resources to expand upon his or her skill level.  Many people quit music only after a couple months of attempting to learn it.  They are not willing to fully commit and immerse themselves in learning their instrument.  With daily practice and a willing to learn attitude, just about anyone can learn to make good music.  Just understand that it takes time, guided consistent practice, independent study, and a good attitude to reach your goals. 

It takes guts to get on stage and perform in front of a crowd.  This too is a learned skill.  A successful performance can do wonders for a child or teens overall confidence.  It is very rewarding to successfully perform in front of a crowd.  Also, learning music takes a lot of time and dedication.  Having learned to competently play a musical instrument is an amazing accomplishment only realized through lots of hard work and practice. 

We teach our students how to practice the right way!  Each week at the end of the lesson, our students are assigned musical homework and are expected to complete any and all practice assignments and various other kinds of musical homework.  Assignments are tailored to the individual student.  Our teachers spend a lot of time behind the scenes to create a learning plan for our students so that our students can get the most out of their music lessons.  In addition to completing practice assignments and homework, we expect our students to be on time to their music lessons, have a positive attitude, and willingness to learn.  It is important to us that our students are successful and meet their musical goals. 

What we expect from our students taking music lessons.

We have a video recital series that provides our students a great way to share what they have accomplished with their friends and family.  With our student's and his or her parent's permission we  will record and get video footage of the student performing in our studio and post the edited production on social media and YouTube.  You will then be able to easily share with friends and family what you or your child has accomplished.  We will never publish anything without your consent.  We use a high definition video camera pared with high quality recording equipment and software to produce the videos ensuring the best representation of you or your child's skill level. 

Video recital series

Each week you or your child will meet with your instructor in the studio for a 30, 45, or 60 minute music lesson.  Whether you are beginner or have lots of experience with music, we will start with the very basics and move forward from there.  This is to ensure that our students do not have any gaps in his or her knowledge base and has a solid musical foundation to build upon.  We will then be able to move on to learning more advanced concepts.  When our students are ready, we provide opportunities for them to perform in our recitals and in various other venues.  Our instructors work very hard to ensure that you are getting the best, most well rounded music education

General information about music lessons and the study of music.

There is no instant gratification when it comes to learning a musical instrument.

How music lessons and the study of music can increase overall confidence in youths.

What to expect from taking music lessons.

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