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Call 904-520-0450 for flute lessons in Jacksonville, FL

Flute lessons Jacksonville, FL

Call 904-520-0450 for flute lessons

  • Flute in good condition 
  • metronome
  • pencil
  • folder
  • method books (instructor will specify during 1st flute lesson after student assessment is made)
  • willingness to learn

Requirements for flute lessons 

Our flute lessons teach you or your child the basic fundamentals of flute technique such as proper assembly and care of the flute, tone production, articulation, correct embouchure, proper posture, and correct hand position.  Students will learn how to read and interpret basic sheet music, will be taught basic music theory, and will be taught how to correctly practice.  Our  beginning flute lessons give our students the tools necessary to move on to the advanced level, earn 1st chair in his/her school band, and earn a spot in regional level bands.  We also offer flute lessons for the advanced flute players.

Flute Lessons

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