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Clarinet lessons for beginners

Our clarinet students will be taught how to practice the right way!  We will set musical goals and learn to independently reach them.   Our clarinet lessons teach our students to:

  • Set priorities for practice sessions
  • use a metronome (time is everything ;)
  • practice in the correct order
  • have fun playing the clarinet!

How to practice correctly

In our clarinet lessons, students will be given the opportunity learn to read and interpret sheet music and includes the following topics:

  • Rhythm
  • Ear training
  • articulations
  • performance directions
  • various other music theory topics

Basic music theory

In our clarinet lessons, students will learn how to produce a good sound on the clarinet.  The following topics will be taught:

  • posture when playing the clarinet
  • tone production
    • correct embouchure formation.
    • long tones.
    • conditioning exercises designed to develop muscle memory and strengthen the diaphragm muscles.
  • how to articulate using the tongue.
  • Students will be given the opportunity learn the full range of the instrument from low "E" below the staff to high "G" above the staff.
  • Proper hand and finger positions
    • students will use scales and patterns to develop the right kind of finger coordination.

Tone production and clarinet technique

We show our clarinet students everything they need to know about caring for their clarinet.  This includes the following: 

  • Assembling the instrument properly
  • this includes correct reed and ligature placement
  • Proper storage of the instrument
  • how to use a swab to clean the instrument
  • how to correctly store reeds
  • we will provide guidance for selecting the right clarinet, mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds

Proper assembly and care of the clarinet

Our beginning clarinet lessons will give you or your child the basic foundations needed to grow and prosper as a clarinetist.  Some people may not think clarinet lessons are necessary because their child is in a top rated public school band program.  Public school music teachers are not always equipped to give their students the best possible music education due to a number of factors beyond their control such as: 

  • lack of funding for school music programs.
  • their attention is divided between up to 400 other students.
  • most of them are not clarinet players and have very little experience playing the instrument.    

School band programs are an essential part a young clarinetist musical development however,  private clarinet lessons will give the student a much better chance at a proper music education. 

More often then not a young clarinet player who don't take private clarinet lessons will develop bad playing habits. Over time this will make it next to impossible to improve at playing the clarinet and will severely limit the young clarinetist's capabilities for as long as they play the instrument.  Below is an overview of what we teach our clarinet students at ii-V-I Music, LLC 

Clarinet lessons for beginners