The saxophone is one of the most versatile instruments.  It is capable of a wide palate of sounds and can be a pleasure to learn.

The middle voice of the string section, the viola adds harmony, bridging the gap between the melodious violins and the cello. 

With a warm and mysterious sound, the cello is featured as the bass voice in string quartets.  The player is always seated while playing this instrument. 

The granddad of the string family.  The double bass provides, you guessed it, the bass parts for an orchestra.  It is also used in jazz combos.

One of the more popular instruments to learn.  Our drum teacher will show you anything from concert percussion to bebop jazz to heavy metal. 

Want to be the one stop shop for slap and pop?  Our instructors will have you walking the bass in no time. 

Euphonium Lessons

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A place to progress through a musical journey...

Whether you want to be the next Lang Lang or Thelonious Monk, our piano program gets you up to speed fast.

Music Theory Lessons

  • Music theory lessons
  • Composition lessons
  • Song writing lessons

Featured in symphony orchestras, concert bands, brass quintets, and jazz bands, learning the trumpet is sure to be a vehicle for success in you or your child's music education.

Derived from the "sackbut", the trombone, with its slide can be a blast to play.  It has the ability to over power almost any ensemble.

Private music lessons for all ages in Jacksonville, Florida

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Song Writing Lessons

The euphonium is featured in British style brass bands and military bands across the world!  The euphonium has a mellow sound and adds roundness to ensembles it is featured in. 

Bring on those bass lines!  The tuba lays the foundation for the ensembles it is featured in.  Without it, everything would sound empty and lack depth.

The ultimate musical instrument.  Enough said. 

Such an elegant musical instrument.  The flute in an instrument that has been around for 40,000+ years evolving in to the modern flute. 

Thank you for your interest in ii-V-I Music, LLC.  We offer private music lessons for most instruments, including saxophone, clarinet, guitar, voice, and piano. All of our instructors have successful careers in music, as both performers and educators. Their professional experience provides a resource that allows students to cultivate exceptional musical skills and abilities. Our goal is to inspire our students to reach and even exceed the level of proficiency required to make genuine, passionate, and emotionally driven music. We always look forward to watching our students grow and progress as musicians. 

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Ah, the old licorice stick. Artie Shaw played it so well that Lana Turner married him. We don't promise that, but we can say that we will point you in the right musical direction

You don't have to be Itzhak Perlman to enjoy the feel of pulling a horse hair bow across a Strad's four strings.  We can start with the basics.

Who doesn't want to tame the six-string beast? Let our professional instructors teach you rock, blues, jazz, country, and more!  Our guitar lessons are sure to please!